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Most recent: September 29 2022 

Supported by Heathrow Community Trust and Richmond Libraries

In this show: a great triple bill of plays by award winning Dublin writer Aisling Corristine, New York playwright Matthew Gilleece and London based Derry writer Niall McCarthy


DAVID DUCHOVNY’S SPERM by Aisling Corristine

WHEN IT’S OVER by Matthew Gilleece

Writers’ biographies

Cast: Stephen Agnew, Alec Bennie, Bryan Moriarty, Neve Doyle,  Lily Rogers

Cast biographies

Featured writers to date:

Ed Birch, Frances Bushe, Aisling Corristine, Lloyd Evans, Matthew Gilleece, Jess Green, Heather Hampson, Oliver Hickman, Graham Large, David Kantounas, Ken Mason, Niall McCarhty, Russell Nichols, Tom Pauk, Tony Pipes, Patrick Prior, Peter Popham, Annie Power, Maroun Rached, Pete Talman, Margaret Thomas, David Weir, Stephanie Weston

October 2021

Programme: HOUSE OF GLASS. Russell Nichols,  ARISTOTLE SAYS Tom Pauk, MONSTER IN THE BOX Tony Pipes REACH FOR THE STARS Stephanie Weston

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