Writer and actors

Our featured writer for the November 17 Script Room is Margaret Thomas. We will be staging a rehearsed reading of an extract from her powerful new play On Dark Waters. The play is set in the London of the late 18th and early 19th century, a volatile period that included momentous events such s the American War of Independence and the French Revolution.

The part of Adolphus Caesar, a soldier and man of colour from Virginia, is played by Jerome Ngonadi. Archie O’Reilly, a street-wise journeyman carpenter, is played by Alec Bennie.

We will also be staging two other scripts, one by local writer Ken Mason Yellow Roses, and a vintage comedy from 1918 Allotments by Gertrude Jennings. Parts will by played by Maggie Saunders and Deborah Kearne.



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